In Bradford we need foster homes for children 0-18 years old. Some children and young people need temporary homes, others need a loving and stable home until they reach adulthood.

As Bradford is a multi-culturally diverse city, we need foster carers who are able to care for children from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Read the children’s profiles below to find out more about who needs fostering.

Adam (8 years old)

Adam currently lives with short term foster carers and is looking for a permanent home.

He came into care after witnessing domestic violence between his parents. He has 6 siblings and has had contact with them and his parents throughout his time in care.

Due to Adam’s circumstances he had little self-care skills. However, with the support of his carers he has been able to take responsibility for himself. He has also found a love of reading, something that he didn’t have before he came into care.

Adam has a great sense of humour and loves collecting football stickers and playing outdoors.

Ethan (14 years old)

Ethan came into foster care as his parents were unable to care for him and his siblings. His youngest siblings have been adopted, whilst his other siblings are in long-term foster placements. Contact was in place between Ethan and his older siblings, however this was stopped as it was proving more harmful for all the children.

Ethan is very sociable and enjoys football and playing out with his friends.

Ethan has suffered neglect and as a result can be quite anxious. He needs support from his foster carers to help him manage his emotions. He can struggle with discipline in his foster placement and has not always respected the rules.

Despite this Ethan is doing well at school, attending on time and achieving well in his SATs.

Carl (15 years old)

Carl is looking for a long term foster family and would love them to have a dog as he loves animals. He has contact with his Mum, siblings and grandparents where he has overnight stays.

Carl is 15 years old and has Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and moderate learning difficulties. He is immature for his age which leaves him vulnerable to his peers. Carl will need a placement where there are clear and consistent boundaries and with carers who will be able to help him become assertive and independent.

Carl is polite and behaves well in school. He is good at practical tasks but can struggle academically, needing prompting to stay on task.

Eva (13 years old)

Eva is 13 years old and was born in Slovakia, speaking fluent English. She has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. At times this can lead to unpredictable behaviour that can be a challenge for those who care for her.

Eva is currently in a residential unit to help her manage her behaviour, however she wishes to return to a foster home.

Eva is kind, caring and doing well in school. She loves to try new activities.

Hannah (17 years old)

Hannah came into carer due to lack of appropriate supervision in the home. She has suffered emotional, physical harm and neglect. Hannah is worried about moving on from foster care so would need to be in a foster home where she feels safe, secure and has carers who are supportive and will allow her to stay over 18 years old (this is a scheme known as Staying Put).

Hannah socialises well in school and enjoys activities with her carer but doesn’t feel comfortable going to groups on her own. She will need an understanding foster family who will support her with her confidence and to help her develop her independence.