At Bradford Fostering Service, you could foster full time or part time. The right scheme for you will depend on your personal circumstances and the skills and experiences you have.

If you’re unsure what type of fostering would suit you best, call our fostering recruitment team on 01274 434444 who will be happy to talk through the options with you.

Full time fostering options

There are two full time fostering options, short term and long term, although many carers offer a mix of short term and long term placements.

Short term fostering

Children of all ages (0-18 years) can need short term fostering placements.

Short term foster carers provide a home for a child who needs immediate safety. This could happen quite suddenly without a lot of time to plan or prepare for the child arriving.

A child could stay with you for a few nights, months or even a year or two whilst a long term plan of where the child will live is decided by the Courts. The child may return home, live with other family or friends, be adopted or move into a long term fostering placement.

Long term fostering

Children need long term foster placements from around 5 or 6 up to 18 years old.

Long term foster carers provide a permanent home to a child who is unable to return to live with their birth family.

The child or young person will stay with you until they are ready to live independently.

Bradford Children's Services carefully match children with long term foster carers to make sure the child lives with the most suitable foster family.

Part time fostering options

There are several different part time fostering schemes, some provide preventative support services to children and their families to help support children to remain at home for the long term and others provide support to other foster carers.

Part time foster carers need to commit for a minimum number of sessions each month, depending on the scheme, which will include evening, overnight and weekend care.

As with full time fostering schemes, you need to have a spare bedroom to be able to offer overnight care to a child or young person.

Emergency Foster Care

This is a new scheme providing out-of-office-hours / weekend emergency placements for children and young people on a rota-basis.

Support Care

Support care offers short breaks to children who are still living at home with their birth parents and supports them to continue to live at home and prevent family breakdown. This can help prevent children coming into foster care full time.

Support carers have children come over after school for tea and sleepovers, take the children out for trips and generally give them a safe space to relax while supportive work is being undertaken with their family. Support carers provide a minimum of 8 sessions a month.

Shared Care

Shared care offers support to children with disabilities, complex health needs and / or learning disabilities.

Shared carers offer children and their families regular planned breaks (including some overnight breaks). This supports the children to have new experiences outside their family home.

Holiday Care

Respite carers offer support to full time foster carers by looking after the foster child for a short period. Bradford Fostering Service especially needs holiday carers for the school holidays. A foster carer could need respite because:



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