Although fostering and adoption involve caring for and providing a home for someone else’s child, they are both very different.

When a child is fostered the parental responsibility (who can make big decisions about a child’s life) is shared between Bradford Council and the child’s birth parents.

Fostering is a professional role, you will be expected to attend meetings, take part in on-going training and be part of a wider team that works to look after the child.

A child in foster care will often still have contact with their birth family (parents, grandparents, siblings). As a foster carer it will be part of your job to help the child keep this contact and for young children this can be up to 5 times a week.

To find out more about fostering for Bradford Council call 01274 434444 or fill in our online form.

When a child is adopted, all the parental responsibility is passed onto the adopted parents and the child will legally become your child. They become part of your family as if they have been born into it and will even take your surname.

When a child becomes adopted they will no longer have contact with their birth family. They are also no longer classed as a child looked after by the Local Authority. This means that you will not have to attend planning meetings to discuss the child’s future.

Adoption in Bradford is through One Adoption. You can find out more about adoption by visiting their website.