Transferring from another fostering agency or service

Why transfer from a fostering agency to Bradford Council?

Are you experiencing long periods without a child in placement? Are you being asked to look after children out of your age range and not getting the right support?

If for any reason, you wish to transfer to Bradford Council’s Fostering Service, we will help to make the process as smooth as possible.

Remember that foster carers can only be approved by one fostering agency at any one time.

Benefits of fostering for Bradford

We offer all placements to Bradford Council foster carers first so you are more likely to have a child in placement than if you foster with an agency.

Our foster carers can foster a wide age range, from babies to teenagers and can be approved for long and short term placements as well as emergency and respite placements.

We offer a competitive package of fees, based on your skill level, and allowances, based on the age and number of foster children you are caring for.

Our carers have access to 24 hour support via their supervising social worker during office hours and an emergency out of hours’ service.

The transfer process

We have a comprehensive system in place to make your transfer as smooth as possible.

You are likely to have to undergo a new assessment. However, as an existing carer it is likely to be far quicker and easier than your original assessment. If you were approved less than 2 years ago, we may be able to purchase the record of your assessment from your assessing agency.

Support you will receive:

If you are already fostering and considering a move from your current agency or local authority, get in touch with us today.